Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bangkok on my Mind

Thailand and I, it was a slow and subtle attraction. I enjoyed you, we did a little dance, I explored your crannies, and your malls, and your floating market, ate your streetfood and then had the vilest digestive reaction and the worst stomach ache ever. Guess my stomach's more sensitive than I thought!

THE CULPRIT - i think. (This is a wanton noodle soup found in Platinum mall. I think the water was dirrrty)

banana pancake - one of the greatest gustatory delights of Bangkok

sandbagging, yeah. 

It was short and sweet, but I appreciate you being the gateway to my Indochine backpacking adventure. That's it.

 Oh, I loved Khao San. It was a wasteland.

When I reached the hotel at 4 in the morning from the airport, the first thing I saw was a little Caucasian girl eating up the face of a Black rasta man. And I was like whoah. I was amazed by how free flowing everything is, including having to small talk a Black man who is about a shade darker than Don Cheadle and told me I had a pretty face and would I want to have a drink at one of the sidewalk bars in Khao San. Sorry man, I am no racist but, it was just that I cannot outline your face.

And why were there so many black men in Thailand at that time? I don't know. Memories, memories.

What else? Walked around the place where there were a looot of temples, golden ones, shimmering ones. Had to fight the space with old tourists from cruiseship tours who hurl Italian staccatoed cursewords.

 We will meet again Thailand, probably Chang Mai and Pai. And I hope to shop til I drop again in Bangkok preferably in Chatuchak which I wasn't able to meet because it was submerged in the flood at that time. Yes this was around October of 2011. Google it.


  1. now i get the sandbags. duh! :) sorry about the stomach..

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