I am a television scriptwriter  whose passion is writing and regards travel as my creative muse, my therapy, my escape. I was bitten by the travel bug about three years ago when I booked a flight to Hong Kong with a friend and had to take the flight alone, on a plane for the first time because I woke up late! Since then, I've been traveling sporadically with friends, with family and alone.  My purpose for traveling aside from satisfying my itch to explore and escape (are there any other reasons?) -  is to actually learn about the different worlds and people around me, to experience, to feel. To me it doesn't matter how far or near the destination is, as long as I am on the road,  as long as the journey changes something with the way I think, feel and perceive things, could be big or small.And the best part, oddly enough, is when I am not doing any documenting or photographing, when I just stay in a truly trance mode of inhaling and taking everything in.Waking up to a fresh and new place. That's the best part. Always.


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  2. Hi Wandergirl,

    Have you read your blog copied and pasted to a facebook account name Pear of the orient: Discover Philippines. I find it unconvincing for the original author since they don't have the guts to research about the subjects they wanted to present. The real thing was they chopped the story in half and just post want they want even though its linked bak here on your site. Anyway just my concern though. You can find your write up on the links below.

    Just me,
    Steve Tanabe