Saturday, March 13, 2010

food and travel articles

Aside from the currently airing Judy Ann Santos medical drama Habang May Buhay , (and power-pointing and drafting treatments for upcoming programs) here are some of the stuff i wrote - food and travel articles for Yummy magazine...and writing these almost felt like writing for pleasure, it's almost like a hobby!

Writing for food is fun, plus I've always loved to cook. My father loves to cook but our family's cooking consists of following the time tested family recipes of native Pinoy food. My mom bakes well too and she knows the fancy brownies and cakes recipes while I stuck to simple recipes like salads, some pasta and desserts. But writing for yummy meant delving into all aspects of food by the balls. haha. or what i meant was sampling or even (yes!) preparing fancy global food. The tip here is recognizing and using spices. I believe they make or break a recipe. Or they make dishes distinct from one continental fare to another. Like putting paprika makes recipes more Middle Eastern, and basil and rosemary more Italian. Though I'm not an expert yet but let me say I know my bouillabaisse from my seafood chowder. 

check these out:
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and interview with French Cooking Chef Laura Calder

And in March, we will go juicy! yum

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