Monday, May 9, 2011

My Extraordinary Experience of a Typical Day for Dolphin Watching

The next day, some of my friends already left for Manila and I and a friend had one full day ahead of us in Dumaluan beach before the afternoon flight back.

So what’s left to do apart from swimming and beach bumming? Dolphin watching of course! Haha. Yeah, that’s a typical activity in Bohol – and one that you shouldn’t miss! Dolphin watching is included in the half day island-hopping package including a tour in Balicasag Island and Virgin Island (more on these later).

My friend and I woke up at 4:30 am hurriedly ate breakfast and rode the boat and by 5:30 am we’re off to sea. See I have always been fascinated with island-hopping, or err...sailing ever since I rode my first outrigger boat in Marinduque. Going to a beach destination would probably incomplete for me now without riding a boat. It’s kind of boring for some, but I love riding boats, feeling the sea breeze on my face and docking into an island or islet.  

So minutes later and we’re still in the middle of the open sea. I thought we were going to an island but I was surprised our boatman Kuya Toto lingered there. I noticed a lot of boats around and realized...ohhh everyone is here to watch the dolphins in their natural habitat!
Apart from dolphin watching itself, I am in awe seeing these many boats amidst the sunrise. What a glorious experience!

But the 10 million dollar question is: Was I able to see any dolphin? Sure I did, but it was too far from me. At first. Probably because they are scared of the many boats with humans who just want to have a glimpse of them.

And then...whoooop!!! there they go again!

I am one happy girl! 

 But...I am actually undecided about this. Some people say that some dolphins do get injured by these boats.  But being here, was indeed a blessing that I would love all of you to experience.

And now we’re off to the islands!!!


  1. hahaiz i'm from bohol but haven't tried the dolphin watching yet.

  2. hehe thanks for the comment! well i guess it's not so typical then. it is for tourists i guess! you're so blessed to have Bohol as your hometown! I love Bohol! =)

  3. Will be trying this one soon, me season din ba ang dolphins? or anjhn sila anytime? Thanks :)

  4. hmmm not really sure about the seasons! but we went there April =) i read accounts na kahit rainy season may mga dolphins pa rin! Enjoy and thanks for reading the blog! =)