Sunday, May 8, 2011

Perfectly Pristine Panglao Paradise aka My Annoying Attempt to Alliterate

After the whole day Bohol Countryside tour, our tour guide brought us to Panglao Island where all Bohol’s pristine beaches are. 

Our accommodation is in Whites and Greens Resort in Dumaluan Beach. But before that we stopped by Bohol Bee Farm and where I bought spreads and organic bric a brac like crazy that I almost ran out of cash which is a hassle. (Tip: finding ATM in Panglao is difficult as there is only one ATM in the area and that is near Alona Beach, in mainland Bohol ATMS are available in BQ Mall and Island City Mall )

See I only found out about this now, but Bohol has two shorelines  - the more popular Alona and the more private Dumaluan. I must admit, prior to the trip I only knew about Alona Beach and Amorita but I am actually thanking my friends for choosing Dumaluan =)
We retreated early coming from a tiring countryside tour (see previous post).
But come morning ,I was amazed with a beautiful view of wide beach with white sand from Whites and Greens beach front. Gorgeous!

Though Whites and Greens is very chill and has beautiful shoreline, we took a daytrip to Bohol Beach Club which is a very short walk from our resort. BBC indeed has the best, cleanest beachfront in Dumaluan Beach. Day trip is 300 a day, consumable for weekdays. But for weekends, it’s priced at 500.

Of course, how could I ever leave Bohol without trying the buffet at Bohol Bee Farm?! (This deserves a solo entry!)
Lunching there is the experience but going there proved to be as excitng! See in Bohol, especially in Panglao, public transportation is rare if not nonexistent. So you actually have to ask your resort to book you a private car to take you to one place to the next. But since I only wanted to have lunch with a friend, we rode the habal habal which is waaaay cheaper! And yes I am recounting this experience because it was my first time to ride a true blue habal habal or motorbike. And I enjoyed it!!! =)

 Floral Salad is included in the best buffet ever, priced at only 510 pesos!

And the Bohol experience is far from over as the next day I explored Panglao's islands! Bohol is indeed beyond fabulous!


  1. Gorgeous beaches!!!

  2. tsk tsk, wrong move to click this entry. magccrave na naman ako sa BBF!

  3. I totally love bohol! had a feeling na nasa ibang bansa kase ako kase at one point parang na outnumber nung mga foreigner yung mga locals sa may alona beach.... i would definitely try to stay sa dumaluan next time... plus the country side tour in bohol is awesome na miss lang namin yun bbf... well thats for another trip na siguro ehehehe

  4. @ anon: thanks for the comment! yes they are gorgeous! i will definitely come back for more =)

  5. @Chyng: haha! ako din i miss the food. thanks for the comment ulit. ang fun ng La Union surfing mo! =)

  6. @IamDp: thanks for visiting! ako naman I wanna try Alona. That's where most of the action is daw. But Dumaluan shoreline is super gorgeous and very chill and laid back! Yeah try BBF! Ako naman I wanna come back for more snorkeling and diving plus there is EAT Danao to be explored. =)