Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I went to Boracay and all I did was eat Pesto Omelet

So I finally met Boracay September of last year and it was overwhelming.

Overwhelmingly beautiful. And unbelievably accessible (if you land in Caticlan).  I've been to marvelous beaches (the country has a lot of that)  and yes they are oh so beautiful. But most of the places are hard to get to (Bantayan, Pagudpud, Siquijor, Guimaras) and  probably the other accessible beach I've been to that I can think of is Bohol. Yes, traveling is about the journey and not the destination so it's all good with me.
But as I walk barefoot in the Boracay sand, feeling the legendary powdery sugary texture of it, all I have to say  to Boracay is, "Where have you been hiding all my life?".

Of course Boracay is hardly a secret treasure. In fact it has been overexposed that a lot of adventurers who are worth their dime shy away from it (ehem), because it is such a cliche.
But cliches are used over and over again because there must be something good about them. A cliche that is tasteful is called a classic. And yes the beauty of Boracay is classic.

Being in Boracay is like being in the metro with a backdrop of a beautiful beach. It feels like I am very near the city. In fact the place is so cosmopolitan, I can imagine hailing a taxicab to take me back to my rented apartment. And yes, there is a Starbucks! Everything that I needed is here! And a beautiful perfect beach at that. Who am I to complain?

For people who want to feel isolated and yes pardon me for saying "one with nature", sadly you won't get it here. Maybe you can get it from the other coves near White Beach.

It's sad that I barely spent two and a half days. Most of the time I was cooped up in my room, doing hardcore writing.  I almost did not push through with the trip because of the impending deadline but what the heck. Also I am meeting some friends there so I might as well go.

I wasn't able to watch the famous sunset, or dip my toes in the waters. I wasn't able to  party at night, or to island hop and do all those beach activities. I did not even get to try the famous shake.

 but i did have a photo op at the Willy's Rock aka the telltale Boracay rock

I went to Boracay and all I did was eat Pesto Omelet from Real Coffee.And it was good! You should try it.

So I am Boracay virgin no more. It is overwhelming and also underwhelming just like any other first times. But there will be more to come. It ain't no one night stand baby. And when I come back I will make love to it like the first time on the second time.


  1. What a lost opportunity to enjoy Boracay. But like you said, there will be more to come. For sure you will enjoy your next visit, and that time, to the highest level! :D

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