Sunday, May 27, 2012

A glimpse of "Paradise" in Cebu

As a way of celebrating the proverbial "End of Summer", I shall write a post about my favorite city in the Visayas - Cebu! 
Last year I had the privilege of visiting Cebu for the second time. The first travel to Cebu wasn't that memorable because we literally just passed by the city on the way to Bantayan Island. We were rushing! Backpacking at its finest. But the second time in Cebu was an entirely different story. The trip is more on the luxurious side.
Armed with a book and money minus the laptop and minus work obligations this is by far my purest vacation. Meaning no stress, no hassles, doing absolutely nothing!  I had the entire weekend !
So what did I do? I spent it wisely by lounging around "paradise" the first day and doing a DIY city tour the next day.
The paradise I'm talking about is none other than Shang-rila Mactan!
stately exteriors. real classy

I went straight from my 8:00 am PAL flight to the little kiosk inside Mactan International Airport where I waited for the coaster to arrive that shall take me to Shang-rila Mactan! the ride was pretty short, around 20 minutes. 
What welcomed me was a very regal looking and elegant complex. I left my bags at the concierge and went straight to the little boutique where they sell the day trip package.

The daytrip rate was 2,000+ which includes  the use of pool, lounge chairs, spa, entire grounds,  beach, and other activities. This was glam-packing at its finest! The daytrip package also includes a sumptuous lunch buffet!  

The buffet is located at a restaurant called Tides. Class A luncheon baby! All quality gustatory delights are there. I cannot forget how I devoured all those lovely looking cakes and sipped the unlimited cappucinos. Uh-ummm. And for the record, the most melt-in-your-mouth salmon sashimi I've ever had.
I also had a golden time basking under the sun and by the beach. Definitely one for the books. One of the best luxurious experiences I've had!

 I can easily rough it if I want to but sometimes a girl has got to feel luxurious. And I got it all and more. Will definitely be back.

DIY Cebu city tour on my next post!


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