Sunday, April 8, 2012

Siquijor, Dumaguete and Lake Balinsasayao

It’s been months since my last post! And I apologize to my three readers that I took so much time posting the continuation of my Siquijor sojourn that I did in September!

I’ve been busy lately writing this TV show called Wako Wako. It’s a fluffy, feel good, kid-friendly fantaserye which airs in ABS-CBN daily 5:45 pm before TV Patrol.

So before the next deadline hits, let me recount my amazing Siquijor-Negros Oriental adventure that I cannot wait to share with you in full blast soon!

Cambugahay Falls

Black Virgin Mary

Siquijor. I went here September of 2011. A truly magical place. I suggest you come visit this province and spend about three days or more. You’ll enjoy every minute as the place feels so faraway. The isolation transcends. It makes you feel one with nature. I went here alone (coming from Dumaguete) and indeed found the peace, the reflection, the alone time and the self-awareness I am looking for. The place is teeming with natural wonders! From beautiful beaches (I suggest Villa Marmarine resort) and waterfalls ! Everywhere you look, you’ll find God’s work of art.  Reserve an entire day for the island tour. And no it’s not a tour inside a jeepney or a freaking van. Get out there hire a habal habal, slop on sunblock, wear your sunnies and pump up the volume of your Ipod and rip the coastline of Siquijor. That’s what I did! Turquiose water everywhere! I enjoyed riding the habal habal to the point that stopping feels like a hassle.The stops were interesting though. Maria Church (where you can find the Black Virgin Mary).  Lazi convent and others. I also saw and swam in a waterfalls for the very first time! And the waterfalls is a delectable shade of soft teal. Perfect!
 Now if you want to search and discover the sorcery and witchcraft which Siquijor is known for, you can do that (some resorts even have packages that will give you a guided tour) but if you don’t, you won’t actually feel that the province is known for sorcery. Magic maybe because being in the island is purely mystical.

I enjoyed Dumaguete because of the youthful charm of the place. The city is accessible by easyrides or tricycle which cost only around 7 pesos each. What I liked about Dumaguete is the clean and relaxing boulevard! I also loved the artsy cafes and restaurants. I celebrated my Epicurean leanings and sampled the treats in Sans Rival cafe (yummy Silvanas!), Cafe Antonio, Lab-as . I stayed in Honeycomb Tourist Inn and it was glorious. I felt like I was a rich retired businessman who is on eternal vacation. Haha. I could do this forever.

While in Dumaguete, I decided to do a DIY daytrip to Lake Balinsasayao. I rode an easyride, then was dropped off at the terminal. I boarded the bus going to San Juan and asked to be dropped off by the highway where there are habal habals waiting for commuters. The fare is 200 one way. Steep huh! Because the road going to Lake Balinsasayao was indeed steep! But I looooved the trip going there. It was bumpy yes, but I didn’t have a single care. I just felt my arms spread wide open! With the cool air I felt like flying. We were literally inside a forest.  And then the road clears, leading us to a cliff! It was quite an exhilarating experience. An adventure which doesn’t feel forced. There must be this little nature lover in me because  I enjoyed this a lot. I lounged around the lake  and found the calm that would satiate me til my next travel.

Up next: Boracay Virgin No More! 


  1. i love it! hehe. maka-comment lang.
    can't wait for your Boracay virgin no more post.
    And btw, am i part of your three reader club? if not... count me in now!

  2. I love the I love it maka-comment lang comment!
    More of that please? Yey! friends na talaga tayo I guess. =)

  3. Siquijor is really beautiful, gotta go there some day

    1. yes it's worth it! you should go! :)) one of the most refreshing, less commercialized, spellbinding islands in the country;)

  4. hahaha may package tour pa pala sila for those who want to learn something about witchcraft....hindi kaya sinakyan na lang nila ang iniisip ng mga outsiders about siquijor...hahaha

    1. oo pero yung package tour ay sa Siquijor mismo. Maraming mga foreigners ang nag-aavail :)

  5. it's nice to know that you love our place. I am from dumaguete,

    just me,

  6. Wowww it's very nice place. Next month I am going to Philippine ,I really want to go to