Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bohol! (part 1)

Yes nothing can sum up this trip but the name of the beautiful province with an exclamation point. I just want to share with you guys how awesome the trip was and how little I spent. Ahhh. Bohol can easily be the go-to province for a surefire relaxing vacation in the Philippines that won’t break the bank!

I travel alone depending on my mood, but travelling with two of my closest friends and meeting new friends made me feel beyond blessed!

Coming from Cebu port, (we traveled to Bantayan Island prior to traveling to Bohol. Bantayan Island posts coming up next), we took the Supercat to Tagbilaran. 

It was a calm hour and a half ferry ride for a little more than 500 pesos.  The interiors of Supercat is impressive. Very organized, clean and safe.

Once we got to Tagbilaran, we  met Kuya Jerry, our driver slash tour guide. Cool!  I have been to trips where I decide the itinerary, where I consult maps just to get to one place to the next, where I had to take a car ferry without manifesto just to reach the place, where I ride the jeep with locals. But sitting with friends in the van to explore Bohol is fun, dynamic and explosive!

Here are some highlights of the trip:

Blood Compact Site 

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church Museum


Chocolate Hills and Loboc River Cruise and Floating Restaurant

Bilar Man-Made Forest

Hanging Bridge

Maybe I should change my title with Blessed Bohol? Because the province is really blessed. There are things to see in every corner. Everything was orderly, none of the stress of trying to get to one place to the next. 
Yes the province knew and breathed tourism like clockwork.  And who’s complaining? I sure am not.  Sometimes travel is all about chilling, seeing, discovering and just being with your favourite people. 

I am so enticed by Bohol that I am planning to treat my parents’ travel  here like when we traveled to Ilocandia last year. I’ll be back Bohol and I will bring the whole clan with me, I promise!  And I am just recounting my Day 1! Watch out for my Panglao Island post soon! 
Of course I hinted about how little I spent but did not include any computations. So anyway here's the computation for my first day in Bohol (Second day and Souvenirs and Plane ticket back to Manila not included =)

Bohol Countryside Tour: First Day Budget

Ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran: (Supercat)                                  550
Tour Guide slash Driver                        2500 divided by 7  =      360
Loboc Buffet and River Ride                                              =     300
Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream                                                        50
Whites and Greens Dumaluan Beach     2000/night             =      285     
divided by 7  

 Total First Day Expenses                                                  =     1545    


  1. So much to see and do. That's why I think Bohol is the best tourist destination in the country.

  2. It breathes tourism indeed; the road is good, everything is orderly, and there are so many things to see and do. It's the kind of place I would take my parents and young nephews for sight-seeing - less stress and less hassles :)

  3. bohol will always be my 1st love. what more can you ask for, a good beach, superb underwater life, enticing organic food, nature tripping - aylavet!
    abang lang ng piso fare for you whole family! ansaya nyan! =)

  4. I love your pictures! esp the one with the hills, nice weather you got there! :)
    Plan to do Bohol 101 tour again soon! :)

  5. @Lloyd: I can almost agree! Almost since I havent really explored the whole country but in terms of convenience and generally interesting attractions, Bohol is the winner in my book. I consider Bohol as a leisure group/family destination, at least for me. Thanks for the comment! =)

  6. @Claire: true! Super chill ang Bohol. Matutuwa ang parents ko dito. Sana matuloy kami! Thanks for the comment! =)

  7. @Chyng: Yesss!!! I feel blessed having visited Bohol. When I really enjoyed the province especially since I am with my favorite people. I want to go back with family kaya lang grabe ang mahal na ng fuel surcharge =( Nakasale nga pero more than 1k ang taas.

  8. @Eileen: Thanks for visiting the blog! and for appreciating the photos. I love Bohol na rin talaga. Blessed talaga siya. It has Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers - 2 World renowned Pinoy attractions and Balicasag pa. =)