Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four Beaches, Three Friends


  1. amazing photos. especially the second one. it's great that each photo evokes distinct and different emotion from the next one. didn't know Marinduque has such great beaches. Next time I plan my vacation I'll include Marinduque on my list. The local tourism should thank you.

  2. hi! so touched with the comment. thank you, thank you for reading the blog =))The province is a wonderful place to get lost into. Each place I went to has its own charm and beauty. And posting the photos I took in Marinduque is just my way of remembering my thoughts, feelings and awe at that particular moment. So coming from a personal self expression, I was surprised that I somehow influenced you into visiting Marinduque! Hope you will cos it deserves more travelers and more people to awe. But you dont really need photos or evidence of beauty to go there. I suggest just dive in. You'll be amazingly surprised. Thanks again! =))