Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is travel the new love?

It's been days since I went on the road and I haven't stopped thinking about going on the road again. I have been thrust into work with a new project plus I have been doing the usual stuff with the airing show. I have been reading blogs, travel blogs, and   I have been inspired altogether. Especially by those female solo travelers, and the budget travelers who really keep their travels on a super tight budget, and even the ones who keep a wonderful balance between their cool jobs and then hitting the road. I am just in awe. I bought travel books, researching new places to go, urging some people to come with me and actually contemplating traveling alone.

When I looked back, before, some free time will have to be spent on movie download, or going to the malls, shopping, or reading a book, obsessing on gap enders, but recently it's all about travel travel travel for me. I'm getting lost over this. I used to be all chill. But now I'm thinking of getting rabies shots and inquiring for travel insurance. Is travel my new love?

Like love the infatuation stage is the most dangerous, most heady. And as young romances go, I am already losing a lot of sleep over it.

However it's still too early to tell.

Some people have travel as their passion and life and truth is I don't really blame them. It's hard not to get lost in traveling. One of my greatest dreams is to travel alone in some remote local province, or continent or the whole world for a whole year.  
It's actually easy to just pack a bag and just go. Money is no object. There are always going to be ways. 

It's the spirit that has to be readied .

"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don't need to escape from." -Seth Godin

True. But I hardly think of travel as an escape. It is a reward - a reward to be amazed, to marvel at something bigger than myself.  And I got to work hard, create more programs and  fuel my passion for writing  for what the majority of people wanted to watch. I have to keep the momentum in check so I can reward myself with good life and  more travels. 

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  1. travel awakened my passion to live and to experience life first hand, instead of becoming just a regular spectator in this thing called life.

    wishing you more travels in the future. and praying that you achieve your goal to travel alone soon :-)

  2. you're right, and we should be thankful that we are given this opportunity and drive to do everything we can so we can explore and discover. cheers to more travels!=)

  3. travelling is addictive i can say. =))