Saturday, April 17, 2010

I fell in love in Marinduque

Tres Reyes Islands is a group of three islets named after the three kings – Melchor, Balthazar and Gaspar. Among the three, Gaspar is the largest and the only one inhabited. Gaspar was also the nearest to Katala Beach. We opted to go to Gaspar since we didn’t have the time to explore all three.

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and noodles (it was a Good Friday, I vowed not to eat meat until Black Saturday) and another melon-banana shake, me and my friends are off to island-hop in Gaspar Islet!
Island hopping is as foreign a word to me as say, exploratory laparotomy. Whenever I go to the beach, I just like the idea or the vibe of the beach. Eating by the beach. Smoking or drinking by the beach. Wearing resort outfits. Hearing the waves. Sea breeze and I'm spent. I never participate in any island-hopping, or banana boat or flyfish or watersports. Maybe because I don't know how to swim? That I'd rather not get too close to the sea because I find it dangerous.
I remember a beach trip in Calaca Batangas, my college friends wanted to check out the island nearby for the caves and falls or something. But the trip did not push through because I didn't want to go. Hahaha. Spoiler. Nah, there wasn't any available boat at that time that's why. And boats, I never rode a small boat, an outrigger boat that carries up to seven people. I can ride ferries, but never boats. You can take me to any dark alley or haunted mansion up north or traverse a foreign city at night with my luggage but you can never make me ride boats.
So anyway. Imagine my brashness when I rode an outrigger boat for the first time in Tres Reyes Islands in Gasan district in Marinduque.
Indulge my emotions a bit. The boat ride from Katala Beach to Gaspar islet was one of the best, calming experience I ever had in my life. The sea was friendly, I didn’t feel seasick, the waves were very still. Maybe because there were only four of us on a boat? I don’t know. But me in the middle of the open sea? Wow. It was too much and too overwhelming for me in a very good way. Like I want to preserve the moment in a vacuum so it won't spoil. 

The boatman was expert. It's the romantic in me, the emo in me that at that time I was just in awe, speechless. All the paranoia was washed away. The experience felt exhilarating yet humbling and special. Mentally I am picturing myself from the top view, the camera craning all over me -that a small boat traversing the big sea towards an island is carrying me. Makes me feel so small, yet so brave. Like Thetis the nereid and other sea nymphs blessed my journey.

The sea was beginning to turn from blue to clear turquoise as in clear and clean...totally unspoiled, total beauty. I could just sigh with contentment and awe. Marvelous.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are 7, 107 islands in the country and every province has their own fine white clear beach. And this moment made me realize that this particular part of the country is just one of those islands and there are more to explore. Amazing.

We docked at Coral Beach which was already starting to get busy at that time. Coral Beach has amazingly clear waters but the sand are actually corals. There are cottages made of nipa, and some stores selling fruits, halo halo to softdrinks. The boat man told us that there were little coves at the back of the islet and that the water is better, and the sand whiter and finer. So we just opted to buy fruits, chips, coke, ice, smokes from Coral Beach to take with us to the little cove at the back of Gaspar islet.

Paradise. We had a good half-day of beach bumming, picture-taking, lounging and dipping. It was hot but we didn’t care. The water is clear and inviting and turquoise. Lovely. Totally marvelous, totally mine. I claim it. This islet is mine.

The ride back to Katala Beach was a blur to me because my mind and heart was already soaked in the beauty of the island. Marinduque is underrated. I wonder why. Some folks of other parts of town haven’t even been to Gaspar.

This is one the clearest, best beaches one can ever find. Marinduque is rich in marine life.
I highly recommend this place. It’s like discovering treasure. In fact I wanted to camp out there with the stars as my blanket and the sand as my pillow. I want to be among the fishermen who have this paradise-like cove to themselves as their meeting place to have lunch when they go hungry, and off to fish again. I wanted to be an island girl. I've always enjoyed the beach and the seas, but this time I fell in love. And baby, it was hard love.

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  1. thanks for visiting my hometown, though I am from Sta Cruz. Next time please visit Sta Cruz, Manuiaya island in Sta Cruz is also worth a visit.