Thursday, June 3, 2010

travel must-haves

every traveler has their own nomadic non negotiables. These are some gadgets that we cannot leave without. Travel is supposed to be about immersing oneself into a new environment, but I guess these gadgets make me feel a slight bit at home so it's not that bad. Let me introduce to you my babies, some gadgets i bought for myself

1. Sony digicam
 she's seen HK but she got lost inside a Kowloon cab so she wasnt able to see Macau

2. Ollie
6MP olympus camera. she's seen Malaysia and Singapore. I like it because of its bright hues. She especially likes blue.

3. Audrey
My Ipod classic. She was heard in Malaysia and Singapore

4. Holga
My lomocam. 120 CFN baby! she's around the metro mostly.

5. Penelope
My Canon 450D. My very first SLR. well i intend to look at her that way as i intend to buy more. She's been to Ilocos and Marinduque. I\m bringing her to Boracay soon.

6. Francine
My fixed lens for Penelope. I havent used her, will use her in Boracay

7. Blanche
My cherry red nokia e63 my first and only wifi phone.

and lastly since my acer laptop has been with me since 2006, I had to buy my latest purchase. There is nothing wrong with acer NOW, but in the past there are many problems with her - keyboard, and recently i had to buy a new charger. But she's in tiptop shape. I just had to buy a smaller one, about two weeks ago for more convenience. It's a must to buy it, OK it's just not a need. Well, so now, I am declaring this as a super duper good buy. Introducing...

7. Jane
my Dell inspiron mini 1012. lovely. she's red too. I want to name her Rubi just because I like that soap and because she is red but i'm naming her after Juday's character. i don't know why really. i might change my mind..

The keyboards are large (almost like a regular desktop keyboard), and the battery life more than 5 hours! awesome! it's very light, and very easy to operate. im in love. Damage na naman but i love it!!! 

that's it!

currently im eyeing a new backpack and an external hard drive.

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