Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is supposed to be a travel blog, but because I have been busy lately for the second season of this program I write for (Malay Mo Madevelop, Saturdays 10:15 pm, haha pluggin! ) and for a new fantaserye, I have nothing special to blog. I am feeling guilty about not traveling that much, if you count the Ilocos and the almost IloIlo last week, and they're for "rakets" (not for ABS-CBN) so they don't count.

I am de-briefing because I'm currently looking at new local places to go to come October. I have a couple of choices, and they are usual solo traveler destinations plus a trip to a gasgas beach destination. I wasn't looking at any international destination, because I thought my HK trip next year by Feb will suffice...But lo and behold, the hostage taking happened.

Much has been said, and I have lost it with all the laziness and incompetence and shit at the time, so it is time to go shallow this time to rant about how the incident affected my travel to HK next year.

HK is memorable because it was the first international  destination I have been to and my first airplane ride. I promised myself the next time I go to HK I'd explore it in all angles. I'm praying for peace of mind and heart of HK government (for deep and shallow reasons) =)


  1. The hostage incident is regrettable and many words will be written about it and tempers will heat up and cool down . Don't let it dissuade you from travelling . Reasonable minded people will know that you are not to blame etc . By travelling you set an example , showing others that fear should not rule our lives . Remember the words of St Augustine , "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

  2. i know...I will definitely go. =) i'm just having these little doubts. thanks Mark!