Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bangui Bay

This is not about the One Epic Trip I posted prior, but I just want to take a minute and reminisce about Bangui Bay in Ilocos Norte. 

I was with family when I went here. We took a right from the main road and into the dirt. The sky was blue and limitless. It was bright and the rays were glaring to our direction.

The car inched towards the bay. But it wasn't until a few more prodding to the driver, my father when we finally reached these huge ass big windmills. I got out of the car and immediately ran near it. Faster and faster until I'm at the bottom of one of the twenty windmills. I looked up and used my hands as a shade. I couldn't see what's on top. These machines. They are so big I feel like it'll move and crush me.

How many moments like this in my life when I feel so small vis a vis a natural or man-made mammoth. I have lost count. But in these moments when you feel that you are so small...  You sometime feel a tiny sense of courage to face it,  your monster. Your fear. Of getting crushed and trampled upon.

And it's not just the windmills, it was the whole thing the whole scenario...the whole experience of being dwarfed by the bigness of the world.

These huge powerful waves are so strong and unbending, that if you dare come near, these waves will swallow you whole.

If the wind can swallow me whole, I probably would've let it. It was like a lure, calling me to to mesh with its core.

Excuse me if I went all literary on you.End of flashback and cut to the present time.

Inside my rented pad near my workplace I sometimes cry to avoid these extreme sensations. I sometimes fear to be swallowed whole by the big waves, the unstoppable wind. The dizzying fast spinning of the windmills. They seem to never stop. They gain more power as they spin.

But even as I let it conquer me, leaving me spinning, feeling dizzy. Haunted by the wind, taunted by the waves. I know in my heart that it is I who have emerged.

Bangui Bay is where the famous Bangui windmills are found. From Manila, you can take the bus going up to Laoag and Cagayan route going to Burgos. Upon arriving in Burgos, watch out for the signage which indicate where Bangui windmills can be found and seen upclose. However traversing the route to Burgos, you can already see the huge windmills from afar.
What distinguishes Bangui windmills is that this is actually the first power-generating windmill in Southeast asia.
Wind turbines are facing the South China sea where the powerful wind triggers the turbines to spin and then generate power.


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