Friday, August 12, 2011

Eating around Bantayan and Cebu city

How to go to Kota Beach?

During the recent travel to Cebu, I was able to travel to Bantayan Island and Cebu City! And of course the fun in traveling also includes tasting the local food! Where did I satisfy my palate in Bantayan Island and Cebu city? Read below!

Bantayan Island Eats
After explorinng Kota Beach in Bantayan,  we headed inland for some refreshments! We rode the ubiquitous pedicabs to go to some happening restos in the town proper that can fill the gaping hole in our stomachs.

Marisquera O Portuguese
Dinner is the first order of the night after the loooong journey. We asked some local pedicab drivers and they pointed this little Portuguese joint. The atmosphere is very relaxed and very local but the food fare is fusion and has influences of international cuisine.
What's more is apart from dining, the resto features good ole karaoke where we sung our hearts out, sober or otherwise. 
We got no photos of the food since we were too famished to even think of capturing food in their undisturbed state. 

CouCou Restaurant
After much needed splash in the waters, we headed to have brunch in this joint. It was good and affordable! This was where I ate much-wanted seafood fare for an adorable price. Each meal costs around a hundred pesos with drinks.

Cebu City Chows
Upon leaving Bantayan Island, we headed to Cebu City (Ayala) to eat some really really craved for fastfood and coffee.

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Ayala
Hardly a local eat, but hanging out at a coffeeshop in Cebu is another way to get and feel the local vibe of the city. I was very surprised and amazed at how commercialized and cosmopolitan Cebu City is! Hanging out here feels so much like home. Well-dressed denizens, night owls and yuppies all hanging out, working and drinking their coffee fix is what you can see here.

After coffee, and going to Casino Filipino Cebu, we headed to a down and dirty smokey yet absolutely tasty eating expedition at Larsian. Larsian is like a big compound with lots and lots of barbecued meats and seafood. The food is good yet so so cheap! Each barbecues pork costs only 15 pesos. All in all I spent only arounmd 60 pesos including all barbecued meat I can imagine with softdrinks and rice!


Will be posting stories on some yummy Baguio City restos soon!
More travel stories, cheers!

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