Monday, November 7, 2011

Life Changing Cambodia

It's not just about the magnificent temples. As much as there is beauty in brilliance and in human genius, religion, spirituality and greatness, there is a painful divinity in every tragedy. Cambodia will always be etched in my heart. Greatness, will equal great disaster. Pain and death, beauty and bravery. Two extremely opposite  human experiences happened to this country. Learning about their pain, makes me want to hug every Cambodian, smile and buy bracelets at every Cambodian kid peddling their goods, lucky and happy to be alive.


  1. A Cambodia trip is indeed, life changing. It is Cambodia that taught me how to be content with the simple things.

    1. Life changing indeed. It humbles even the most rugged explorers I met. A must before you die. :)

  2. Hi gay! thanks for the comment. I'm still very much affected, that I long to return any time soon. Can't construct a proper blog entry so this post was just me, rambling about the experience.

  3. I'd love to go back to Siem Reap. Ibang klase ang feeling when I visited the temples at sarap tumambay sa siem reap, relax lang

  4. melvin: hey! thanks for the comment!tama lahat ng sinabi mo. too bad when i went there medyo hurried lahat. though nakatambay ako ng konti sa angkor wat. i will surely come back =)