Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top 30 things about Hong Kong (part 2)

11. Hong Kong people are soooo fashionable. If you think you look crazy, lo and behold there’s someone wearing crazier outfit than you do! So it was ok! The Hong Kong locals seem to just wear what they want to wear and then voila, it instantly looks good on them. They don't seem to appear too fashion conscious. Plus the attire they wear is like a season advance than what our masses wear here in the country (of course not counting the uber fashionistas). I like what they wear, especially the teens' fashion which is very Japanese in my opinion.

12. I'm really a smoker. I'm an addict to nicotine. I am not proud of it. As a television writer I don't know why but a drag clears the mind and allows creative juices to flow. So even if I were trying to be frugal about the trip, I still bought cigarettes in a 7/11 in Hong Kong even if they are more than 150 pesos a pack.

13. I learned that I am still a finicky prissy urbanite. I've always thought I can rough it but there's always this glamour side of me who wants things luxurious sometimes. SOMETIMES being the operative word.sometimes meaning when i was in Hong Kong.

14. I look like an Indian/Thai etc. I guess every morena (brown-skinned) Filipino are. And the Chinese stare at me and look at me admiringly. This is just another proof that opposites attract. Beauty is strangeness.  

15.Chinese food is amazing. We all know that. But when you wake up and smell jasmine and ginseng every single day...well that is just saying too much. And I am not exaggerating. The hotel that I am staying in called The Bridal Tea House Hotel is in front, right smack across a Chinese eatery that you see in the photo above. And every day we step out of the hotel we smell like Peking Duck! 

16. My friend and I due to unavoidable circumstances, wasted a good whole day trying to find each other. And so we only had six days to go to explore our side of Hong Kong, which was the Kowloon side. So we opted to forego the Disney land trip and just go to Macau instead. I think we made a good choice. There are lot of things to do in Hong Kong. Lots of family and wholesome things to do. So for all those fun place I think I would love to go back. 

17. Traveling abroad is a secret desire fulfilled. AND a vice waiting to happen i swear!

18. 7/11 is everywhere! And in Hong Kong 7/11 sells really good dimsum! On my first night, tired to haunt for food, we just attacked the nearby 7/11 and feasted on shrimp dimsums and yang chow rice! Sooo good!

19. The taxis are efficient. The drivers give back exact change

20. Shopping is the main sport in Hong Kong! Or at least, to everyone who visit there. Especially if you're in Kowloon. Mongkok, Granville Road even IFC mall are so near, you'll be tempted to shop shop shop!

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