Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top 30 things about Hong Kong (part 3)

21. I fell in love with Hong Kong that I want to stay for a month or more... Because the Chinese are generally nice, although (ehem) they do not understand and speak that much English. Plus Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan place, one minute you're in a temple street and the next you're in a shopping and business center! It's a place where you can be who you want to be without anyone caring.... I swear when I want to escape I'll go to Hong Kong...and live there, take a job in Central in one of the corporate centers. Or maybe take a job as a bagger or a waitress at a cafe. I don't know. then after work  hit a local bar alone and wait for a handsome lone traveler to pick me up (sounds familiar?! hahaha!)

22. It may sound bad but to some extent I have manifested a bit of racism. I hate racism. It's the worst thing anyone can do to me, to a Filipino. But on our first day of walking around,  I purposely directed my and my friend's feet at the Chungking Mansions. I for one, who loves the Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai, would love to visit the place where he shot and got the inspiration for the film Chungking Express. Chungking Express is a film that got me hooked on Asian cinema and it is one of those films that made me want to become a filmmaker. But I couldn't even get past the telltale signage because I was scared of the Arabs and Indians outside! I should've poked myself. I should've known that it's not so bad. 

23. I love walking on HK streets. I like walking in general but when you walk in a strange place and everyone looks nice and fashionable and you feel like you belong. Something like that.

24. There are so many Filipinos in Hong Kong. On the plane, the one beside me is a domestic helper from Causeway Bay. She said  that I am lucky because I can visit Hong Kong and not to actually work like them. She's really nice and offered to let me use her cellphone when I had to call my friend about the exact address of our hotel since stupid me wasn't able to activate my roaming service. Too bad I wasn't able to get her name and contact number. 

2uel Beer makes Filipinos proud. The bar owner at Mes a Mes bar in Tsim Sha Tsu said: :"You're Filipinos? We like your beer!" But what's weird is that the variant they happen to love is the Pale Pilsen variety which I and probably a lot of kids my age do not touch. I like the San Miguel Light variety. But anyhow it's nice! Another thing that made me proud.

26. This is my ONLY regret. I wasn't able get to go to Lantau island and immerse to the old world Hong Kong. Maybe next time.

7. My favorite part of the trip was going to Avenue of the Stars, shopping, and meeting other travelers...and of course a night out in Lan Kwai Fong!!! The place to have bar-hop and to party! 

28. This trip is my FIRST TIME to ride a plane and FIRST international flight. 

29. This is also my FIRST TIME to be so inebriated I couldn't walk. Three pints beer, one glass of bailey's, two flutes of champagne, two tequila sunrises and three tequila shots all in one night and one sitting?! and in a foreign land at that.

30.  Hong Kong is a place to release your inhibitions. No one will probably care about a Filipina drinking and flirting with foreigners in Sticky Fingers. Unless you do something extremely bad, illegal, dangerous or something to be deported-worthy. But for what it's worth Hong Kong is fairly safe and it's a foreign country, so let go. And for that alone, I'm dying to step foot in Hong Kong again.

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