Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Manila Ocean Park - Underwater Tunnel

The chamber called "Buhay na Karagatan" is the rockstar of Manila Ocean Park where numerous photo ops shall take place including my family!

The 25 meter walk is a memorable walk and should be experienced once in your lives. The first time I entered I was awestruck by the turquoise and clear water, the many fishes and the beautiful way the whole thing flowed and lit.

I know, it is unnaturally lit and designed to look natural and fresh but that's the idea of the whole thing...for it to look exceptionally fresh and amazing and yes, it is effective! I now want to have my own acquarium and I will never use plastic again to preserve our marine life. That's how a trip to Manila Ocean Park can do to an urbanite wander girl like me.

The next stops where "Ang Kalaliman" (the deep), "Pating" and "Pagi" which were relatively small compared to the grandiose of "Buhay na Karagatan". But it doesn't matter you can walk around the whole area as long as you like and you can go back and forth from one chamber to another, go out to Agos again and back inside.

So cough up that 400 bucks (or 500 if you want the other interesting add ons) and experience the magnificence of the sea. So worth it.

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