Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Food: Quickly Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am a self-confessed comfort traveler. My last international flight to Hong Kong, I was with a friend and we booked a proper hotel. But my travel in Singapore and Malaysia last November 2008 was hard core. I tried backpacking for the first time, stayed in a hostel with other travelers and endured walking carrying my big duffel bag. And I realized that in the fast-paced, stop-over culture of backpacking, places and faces come and go but the food experience lasts a lifetime.

Quickly Kuala Lumpur
Unlike my previous Hong Kong vacation on a package tour complete with itineraries and a tour guide, this trip is stripped off of such luxuries. As I wandered along at the Puduraya Bus Terminal, waiting for the bus ride to Singapore, I can’t help but grab my tattered map, brace myself, because this time, I was on my own.

Malaysia is a melting pot of races, with Chinese, Malays, Indians and Muslims coexisting peacefully. And owing to such a multi-cultural heritage, is the multi-faceted food.

I sampled my first authentic Malaysian meal in a kopi tiam or coffee shop—the roti. Similar to pita bread, roti is a flatbread traditionally served with curry. I had mine served waffle style with condensed milk and nutella that I guzzled with the traditional teh tarik or pulled tea.

As I marvel at my meal, all my initial nervousness of traveling backpacker style quickly vanished. Because I knew then, that the trip was going to be one great adventure.

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