Saturday, January 23, 2010

Parks and Wildlife

At a random day, my mom had her check up at the Kidney Institute in Quezon City. Being a nurse, she sort of knows some herbal medicinal remedies to certain illnesses, and suggested we visit Parks and Wildlife to get some Banaba leaves (Scientific name Lagerstroemia speciosa) for my mom's diabetes.

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Many of us do not know the medicinal benefits of this humble leaf. There has been much research done on Banaba leaves and their ability to reduce blood sugar, and its "insulin-like principle."  In the Philippines, Banaba is a popular medicine plant and is used in treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is high in corosolic acid which is used in many treatments for diabetes. It is a natural plant insulin, can be taken orally, and has no side effects, according to Japanese research.  (from this site

So we crossed Kidney Institute towards the Lung Center and crossed the streets towards Parks and Wildlife to pick Banaba leaves.

To those people who wanted to pick leaves from a national park, it is not prohibited but you should ask nicely. Tried to knock him off his wits

Inside there is still an eyecandy we haven't seen.

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