Friday, January 22, 2010

Remembering my very first day in Hong Kong

a disheveled girl carrying a big travel bag walking around confused. She's now in front of a nondescript mini hotel called The Bridal Tea House. She's holding a map and hopelessly mimes infront of a confused China boy. She's insisting that she has a reservation at this hotel. But in one last irritating shake of the head, the China boy dismisses her and closes the door. 

Yep. That was me. How did it happen?
First and foremost, I woke up at 7 am to ride a 7 am flight. I re-booked my trip to a 4 pm flight because no one can damn stop me from going to Hong Kong. Failed to activate the roaming service. Well catually I activated the roaming service but I got confused because my call doesn't complete. And only later that I found out that the roaming service I activated works on only text messages.

So anyway, I went to the flight alone. And then when the plane landed I talked to the airport staff and asked where my hotel in Nathan Road is located. They told me that it was in Kowloon, in Yau Ma Tei exactly... after so many miming and big actions. 

So I took a train from the airport and alighted at Yau Ma Tei. Once there I took the taxi and the driver had to contact a translator told him to go to Arthur Street near Nathan Road.Only to find out later that my friend is not checked in there! And with great strength of chiming and charading, asked receptionist call every branch - 6 branches in Kowloon! But to no avail.

So I wandered the streets of Yau Ma Tei alone in search of a place to stay the night! I couldn't contact my buddy to prove that I am reserved at the Bridal Tea House. And heck I am not even sure that it's the same Bridal Tea House in Hong Kong since the damn hotel has six branches in Kowloon alone!

So I had no choice. I checked in at New King's Hotel (which is only two blocks away from Bridal Tea House Yau Ma Tei) for a double bed overnight stay alone since I came in at a later flight. I was scared and alone and unsure of what to do...I went down and walked. observed them Chinese, small talked with a guy and drank a bottle. Took a drag or two.

In the morning, I got up early to find a cheaper hotel for my stay, in case I never get to meet with my buddy. In my head I knew I will never be able to see my buddy in our entire trip to Hong Kong, that our vacation is ruined, so I had to accept the fact that I will have to travel alone.

So at 8 am, I left my baggage at the hotel, determined to find a cheaper hotel before I check out. I was roaming around until I saw a familiar face at the backstreets of Nathan Road --- my travel buddy! Apparently he is staying at the Bridal Teahouse Yau Ma Tei - the same hotel I inquired the night before. Obviously communication barriers was the reason why the receptionist did not let me in the hotel.


  1. I love this post,it brings back memories of my first trip abroad pero mas smooth nga lang ang naging experience ko kasi may kasama ako.kami naman from the airport derecho na ng ocean park at wala pakami nabook na hostel.

  2. haha! ewan ko ba. i was late for the flight kasi and my companion went ahead without me so there was no choice but to go to hk alone! but it was an adventure and a mistake to learn from. thanks for the comment! =)