Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fit and Fun Activities at the La Mesa Eco Park

Okay so La Mesa Eco Park is a nature park, but that's not all! It is an ecological zone where one can find healthy, fit and fun activities to try and enjoy! As much as possible, I want to visit this place on a regular basis =)

1. Picnic Grounds - Five hectares of picnic spots with grilling facilities underneath a forest of varied trees.

2. Salt Water Swimming Pool – Probably the only salt water pool that is open to the public. And according to some sources in the internet, the salt granules are used instead of chlorine making the water safer and less toxic. My family and I wanted to swim but at that time there are already about 100 people in the pool at 9 am on a Sunday, so we weren't allowed in. (Entrance fee is 80 pesos per head)


3. Boating Lagoon - Similar to the paddle boat ride of Baguio’s Burnham Park. (100 pesos boat rental for 30 minutes, maximum capacity of 4 person in a boat) This one is super fun!!! Plus the lagoon is wide with lots and lots of trees, so it's as if one is transported in a rainforest-y river.

4. Fishing Lagoon - one of the most popular to-do in the park

5. Butterfly Trail and Hatchery - entrance fee is 25 pesos park head

6. Trying the E-Jeepney. This is one of the few things that made the place really special and truly eco-friendly. Imagine a nature park with a service that emits smoke? The E- Jeepney is one of those little things that made the Ecopark a real deal, making the place really truly care for the environment. The jeep doesn't run on gas, it doesn't emit smoke. The ride was very smooth. I hope all  jeepneys and vehicles are electronic to minimize smoke.

7. No smoking everywhere. I admit, smoker here. And there are no cigarettes in stalls, positively no smoking zone! And for about a full day, what can a smoker do if there are no cigarettes in the area? I almost forgot I did't smoke for the entire day! Liberating!

8. Organic Products. There is a store inside that sells organic products and albeit exotic like carrot, papaya andmalunggay noodles, and daguey fruit from Nueva Vizcaya. Almost vegetarian fare but really healthy I believe.

9. Overnight camping facilities are also available, seen boy scouts camp here

10. Wall-climbing.  I haven't tried this but some of my friends did! This is nice because the wall is set up in the open air plus you'll know that you're breathing fresh air because of the many trees that surround the area!

11. Paintball field. Ive tried paintball before in Enchanted Kingdom and it's super fun! So I wanna try it here. Painball gear and field rental is 150 pesos per person, so tag your friends along!

12. Zip lining. Now this is one of those fun and interesting activities to try in La Mesa Eco Park. Some of my friends have tried this, but I'm too chicken to try. boo. The zip line cuts across the boating lagoon 

13. Horseback Riding. Yes some horses abound the whole complex! And it's quite exciting too!

14. Biking. There is also a biking activity where one can rent a bike for only 150 pesos an hour.

15. Jogging. Of course jogging or even brisk walking. The whole area is a very very good place to exercise your lungs because you'll be breathing in fresh fresh air.


This place is a very chill and healthy way to spend one of those weekends. A whole day of trying out these fun and fit and healthy activities is a fresh breath better than spending hours walking in a mall. So spare a weekend and tag your friends along to have a green, clean and eco weekend!

(photo credit: me. and www.bluegreen.blogspot.com and www.maniladailyphoto.blogspot.com)

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