Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top 30 things about Hong Kong (part 1)


a capsule of what I have experienced during my 7 day stay in Hongkong last November 2008. 

It was one fun stressful but fun and adventurous trip! EVENTFUL being an understatement!Here are things I will never forget about this trip:

1. Come prepared whenever traveling abroad. My friend and I opted to stay in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He was the one who arranged the trip - from the Cebu Pacific flight to our residence in Bridal Tea House in Yau Ma Tei even to the itinerary. I know I was a bit of a brat or really busy (I was writing for a TV series during this time) that I was totally unprepared. I was not able to activate the roaming service and I did not have an address or a copy of receipts for the hotel where I was supposed to be staying. Why am I harping on this? It's because I should ...

2. Never be late…at all times, especially during flights. Our flight is seven in the morning and I came from a writing lock-in at Linden Suites in Ortigas Philippines. The writers went home at two am...so naturally, I overslept! I promised my friend that I'll be at our meeting place at four am for the flight but I woke up at exactly seven am, saw my mobile phone which had 40 plus messages and missed calls!

3. The Hong Kong MTR is oh so efficient! People don't care that much about each other so if you're a lone traveler, the MTR and Hong Kong won't put you out of place. 

4.  I loved H and M. I heard of the brand before because of the unique and quirky-cool accessories. Perfect! I made a promise to myself to shop for finds that are cheap and cannot be bought in the Philippines.

5. In Hong Kong, you have wake up early because you'll have time to do a lot of stuff and travel and see more places! Because there are a lot to see in Hong Kong!

6. Be friendly to the locals and to other foreigners. Traveling is about meeting people and knowing each and everyone's background. Traveling is enriching the soul. On our third night we met Mimi, a Cyprus-ian. Here's what happened. It was in Mes a Mes bar in Tsim Sha Tsu. My friend got a pint of beer from the bar and I got a champagne flute...just like what this white girl who is sitting on the bar ordered. So she looked at us and then voila! conversation sparked! My friend and I learned a lot from her. She introduced us and me in particular with the concept of TRAVELING er, BACKPACKING ALONE...which was a scary scary thought at the time (November 2008).  She used to think money over matter until she traveled to Goa, India alone where she was able to soul search...and where she found her center and real purpose...which is to travel!
7. Whatever you feel like, just do it. At the end of the day, whatever your choice it’s your decision, so you couldn't really blame anyone.

8. Take a lot of pictures, every step of the way! Since it's my first time abroad I took a picture of anything and everything! And why not? Traveling is about making memories.

9. Always think: it could get worse.really. This was what i was thinking my first night in HK =) Really. Crappy things happened which made me appreciate good things! keep 'em coming! I realized too that I can survive Hong Kong, even alone, for a day at least .I learned that in Hong Kong, the city feels for you. It will comfort you. Like when I was in New King's Hotel in Yau Ma Tei alone. The place looks familiar yet strange. But somehow, traveling gives one perspective...that it's not so bad, that Hong Kong is not too far from home =)

10. Chinese guys can be cute too! Chinitos (Chinese guys) aren't my type. but there's this one guy at Mc Donald's Admiralty Branch (after our shopping session in H and M) who looked really cute. I bet he was a college dude. I never mustered a breath in trying to talk to him. I just gawked. Damn.

11-20 things about Hong Kong on my next post! 

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  1. I enjoyed reading Part 1 of your Top 30 Things about Hong Kong. Number 2 ("Never be late") reminded me of an occasion when I invited my cousin Liza and her mom who lived in the PI to meet me in Thailand. One morning, I told them to meet me in front of our hostel by a certain time so that we may depart for the train station. However, they showed up almost an hour past the stated time, and we barely caught the train (heavy traffic in Bangkok). I was quite annoyed before I remembered the so-called "Filipino Time" that my friends here in the US warned me about. From that moment on until the end of our trip, I built in some "Filipino Time" to ensure that we would rendezvous together. Now I will be prepared in the event that I backpack with a pinoy/pinay!

  2. sorry for this uber late reply! i know! Filipinos are known for the Filipino time which I am really trying to let go of...it brings a lot of inconveniences just like what was mentioned above! imagine being late on your flight?! anyway thank you for reading the blog!